Beautiful Idiot

Chester as a dad.
But like I need Chester to post a photo of Grace with McKenna! It’s not even an option now!


Is it just me or does it break your heart hearing Grace say she’s probably never going to have kids? She would be an incredible mother 


First female guest on Bed Talk tomorrow? Please let it be Grace


Does it pain anyone else that we will never see this episode???


I remember when Grace and Chester posted those videos on Vine and Instagram and then there were like 10 of us that shipped them and now we’re like an army!

Destiny Is Scoffing - Chapter One


So here’s chapter one of my Grester AU. Feedback would be cool, ily.

It will probably make more sense if you read the prologue but it isn’t necessary! 

(1281 words // SFW)

"Grace. Grace honey, wake up." I open my eyes to my mother leaning over me, eyes full of something. Disappointment probably. No, pity is more likely - I could be a crack whore and my mom wouldn’t show her disappointment. I sit up on the sofa as she clears away magazines and empty coffee mugs from the table in front of me and I feel a sense of deja vu to when I would be sick as a teenager in the same position, mom picking up after me still. Maybe that’s how I feel, sick. Maybe this feeling will pass over like the flu.

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Casually thinking about Grace and Chester walking around Santa Rosa holding hands and Chester's family smiling at them being so grateful that Chester and Grace found each other.


AHHHHHHHH YES! I love these visuals.  So beautiful. Much cute. Ugh my heart and GAh. I need a moment.



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can we talk about how in tyler’s podcast grace is wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt and in chester’s podcast she’s looking all cute wearing jeans and a cute top with her hair all nice? trying to impress someone grace??